Business Services – for Family Firms


Dr. Ralph Daniel provides the following services for family business owners and their advisors: 


Assessment Services
The foundation for effective change and improvement in a family enterprise begins with a thorough understanding of what exists today, and the factors that keeps it that way. The first steps towards assisting family business owners are:

  • Assess family relations-particularly vis-à-vis the business
  • Assess their ownership structures (or lack of structure)
  • Assess their firm's management systems
  • Assess their level of strategic and succession planning and reading

Succession & Strategic Planning:(click to select specifics)

Mediation Services
Mediation services, as well as mediation coaching, is available for active businesses and families with sizable estate conflicts.

Professional Collaboration: 
Coordinate and collaborate with other professionals who assist family business owners, particularly corporate and estate attorneys, CPAs, and financial advisors.