Family Meeting Topics


What Can You Talk About?

The following are some questions that many families find useful to discuss at a family meeting:

  1. What are each family members' aspirations or hopes in relation to the business, enterprise or ranch?
  2. Do you wish to someday work for the enterprise?
  3. What does your family enterprise mean to you?
  4. What is your 10-year dream for the future of the enterprise?
  5. What do you want the enterprise to avoid?

Submit Your Own Agenda Items

Whoever initiates a family meeting is advised to prepare an initial draft agenda of topics---basically a suggestion list of topics. This draft agenda should be distributed in advance to those who will attend. Attendees should, in turn, be asked to submit their own agenda items to be added to the final version.

Try to keep your initial meeting focused on more general topics. Save emotionally-laden topics for future meetings.

Link to Guidelines for Communication PDF