Industries Served – Family Business Advising

Type of Client Firms Served: Dr. Daniel provides services for both active family enterprises, and families with estate difficulties.

Active Family Enterprises Served

Firms typically range in size from $4M to $200M in annual revenues. Ownership and leadership may be held either by the founder, or a members of a succeeding generation; ownership and leadership may be contemplated for multiple generations, or sibling or cousin partnerships. 

  • Construction 
  • Mining
  • High-tech manufacturing and distribution
  • Heavy equipment sales leasing, repair and financing
  • Restaurant & food distribution
  • Resorts and hotels
  • Franchise service businesses
  • Real-estate development and property management firms




Estate Conflicts

Dr. Daniel has assisted families and individuals with estates ranging from $2M to $1B where there has been conflict between family members regarding the disposition of an estate, including pre-planning, in-process, and estates post-distribution. Conflicts resolved include:

  • Redistribution to heirs due to defective trusts (non-intentional)
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Pre-divorce agreements
  • Problematic generation skipping trusts


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