Mediation & Estate Conflict Resolution – 
for Family Firms and Large Estates

Estate Conflict Resolution--
Families experiencing conflict over the resolution of an estate (either impending or established trusts) utilize Dr. Daniel's conflict resolution skills to mediate both the immediate and long term solutions necessary to satisfy various family members. Estates are typically at least $2M. These solutions include:

  • Structuring limited family partnerships to manage and contain contentious sibling partners who have undivided shared interests 
  • Preparing minors for effective management of large generation skipping trusts
  • Negotiating post-nuptial agreements when one spouse is heir to a significant inheritance
  • Equitable distribution of estates between siblings
  • Advising family members and their estate attorney to create and structure sound psychological trusts that teach desired goals.

Avoiding the Inheritor's Syndrome--

Helping children in wealthy families avoid the Inheritor's Syndrome takes some planning. The sooner your plans are in place the more effective you will be. Some of the more useful approaches include the use of:

  • Multigenerational family investment boards
  • Charitable family boards and foundations

Getting children involved in these activities first-hand, even in a limited fashion from an early age, can be an especially effective way to teach your values to future heirs. Dr. Ralph Daniel can assist you to quickly create, structure and implement these techniques to help your children avoid the Inheritor's Syndrome.