Evaluation Phase --- Family Business Assessment


Beginning the Process
Once a business family decides to engage Dr. Daniel, he will conduct an initial series of interviews to assess the nature of the difficulties or challenges facing the enterprise and the family. Typically, these occur at your business, but in some circumstances, the interviews can be accomplished elsewhere.

Who is Interviewed?
In most enterprises, Dr. Daniel interviews each family shareholder or owner and their spouse, other family members who are likely to someday own shares in the enterprise, as well as key non-family managers. At the discretion of the CEO, Dr. Daniel may interview key advisors such as the firm's corporate attorney, the family's estate attorney and/or their CPA.

What Else Does the Assessment Cover?
It is most beneficial for the CEO to provide Dr. Daniel with a tour of the facility. A review of key financial and sometimes legal documents is extremely useful to ascertain overall financial, estate planning and long-term management needs.

Building a Genogram
Utilizing the various sources of information outlined above, Dr. Daniel typically creates and utilizes a genogram to clarify the nature of the business and family relations within the firm and the family.